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Integration uninstalling API

My integration app has login page. The login credentials  are saved in the Mongodb.
I want to make a functionality  that when the app gets uninstalled the current user's credentials also deleted from the Mongodb.
I don't find any API for app uninstall. Can anyone advice  how can I achieve this?

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Integration uninstalling API

Hi, @lstepany 👋 Thanks for the question. The short answer is — there is not a direct API endpoint or webhook event for app uninstallation. I agree, this would be a useful and helpful addition.


I'd like to tag a few community members and builders to see how they tackled or worked around this issue —hey @johnelmer @himanshurauthan @nikodev do you have any thoughts there?


I'll search for a matching Ideas post, as I've seen same/similar requests for this exact feature several tomes before in the community. 







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