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Integration of hubspot API with our application

Hello Sir,


We have developed Mobile app and web solutions to maintain the contacts of each registered users. For Hubspot users (Who are using hubspot to maintain their contacts), we would like to add feature in our mobile app like user enters their hubspot userID and password in our mobile app and then allows application to push their mobile app contacts to their hubspot account. 


We have checked hubspot APIs for Contacts but we could not find any API for authentication of user using his/her hubspot credentials. Current API is accepting only token in request header. Please suggest which API can meet our requirement.


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Administrador de la comunidad

Integration of hubspot API with our application

Hi, Harsh. To confirm, you are not missing an option with our Contact API endpoints. With public apps, you'll need to find a solution that utilizes OAuth. There is not a documented workaround. You are welcome to add this as a feature request in the Ideas forum as well. 





Jaycee Lewis

Developer Community Manager

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