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we are currently trying to sync data from Hubspot to ActiveCampaign by using the HubSpot integration. We were able to successfully transfer data from HubSpot to AC when we tested the workflow with an unknown contact (unkown for ActiveCampaign). We were also successful with updating data for this contact in AC later on.


But when we tested the same with an already existing (in ActiveCampaign) email address, it does not update the contact in ActiveCampaign. 


Is there anyone who has experienced the same issues or who has an idea why that is? 




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Integration of ActiveCampaign

Thanks for the tag @Jaycee_Lewis. Unfortunately @LM86 I don't have experience with this issue. Here's what I'd do if I were in your shoes.


Since the contact exists in AC but isn't updating, is it an issue on the AC side for importing historical data? I'd check my AC settings on this one. 

I'd check the HubSpot settings as well to see if it's set to only push new contacts. In the Salesforce integration, there's an option to keep SFDC as the source and only push new, so I wonder if it's the same for ActiveCampaign.

Have you checked in with HubSpot Support? 


That would be my order of operations here, were it me. I hope that helps. 


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Integration of ActiveCampaign

Hi, @LM86 👋 Welcome to our community! Thanks for the great question. Let'invite some of our brilliant community members to the conversation — hey @danmoyle @Ben_M @LaurenRyan, do you have any Active Campaign tips you can share with @LM86?  Thank yo for taking a look! — Jaycee


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