Integrating HubSpot CRM with Trade Gecko


It looks like there isn't an available integration for Trade Gecko at the moment on the App Ecosystem, but does anyone know of any third party apps that might be able to assist with the integration?


All of our B2C order data from Shopify goes to Trade Gecko, and any B2B orders are placed directly into Trade Gecko. HubSpot CRM has some features we like the look of, but not sure if it will be possible for us.


Thanks in advance! 

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Hey @QG, Michaela from Integromat here 👋


I'm jumping in because our integration/automation platform - Integromat - sure is capable of helping with this 🙂


You can check out the integration pages of both HubSpot and TradeGecko to see the triggers, actions, and pre-made templates currently available. 


If you wanted to see what other HubSpot users have to say about Integromat, you can have a look at the reviews on HubSpot App Marketplace. 


Good luck with this! 🤞