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Hi all,
I'm Tag from the Korean Hubspot agency.
I'm looking for a solution to solve the issue related to the Workflow element editor.

The background is that we're developing an SMS application and there are some strict SMS sending regulations to abide by in Korea.

Thus, I'd like to ask some questions

Before we start, to clarify the nomenclature, "Extension" means element editor in a workflow. if you select the element, you can edit the details of the element. and I saw it is named as "Extension".

Anyway, when the client uses the application we developed(SMS applicaiton), they should be able to edit the details of the application.
For example, the text, sending time, SMS type(SMS/LMS...) and the other elements should be editable.
Back to the point, is it possible to implement those editing features(Sending time, SMS Type, etc...) in the element editor(Workflow Extension)?


Furthermore, is it possible to implement a foreign language(ex. Korean) character counter in Hubspot?


Thanks for reading.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me;

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Hi, there.

I'm working in the same agency with Tag.


There is some additional question regarding this issue.

I want to know if we can check the validation of several things in workflows extension we created.

For example, as Tag said, we want to count the length of text message for categorizing the SMS/LMS.

Also for following the Korean law(regarding personal information), there are required phrases to be included. 

So we want to check if those phrases are included in the text message before sending.

Or if it's possible, we'd like to create the template of messaging and let the customer use the template including required phrases.


Besided this, I think that customizing the validation check feature should be possible for flexible app usage according to its country or any other environment.


Please advise the solutions of this issue! Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance for your time.