Initializing a Development Environment

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Hi -

I am new to HubSpot API integration.


We have some company and contact field customizations and thousands of records in each.


Now my company has some requests for integrating our HubSpot data with our other proprietary systems. I have been getting familiar with some API calls and know how to create test environments but haven't ssen information for how to
a) make sure the custom properties from our HubSpot production data is replicated in the test environments

b) make sure we have prod data in the test envs.


Is there an easy way to do either/both of these?




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Basically, it's a manual process. There is no portal replication or environment staging at the portal level. As such, there is no HubSpot facility to replicate production data in HubSpot dev (test) environments.

Hope that helps.





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Thanks Frank!

It helps to know that I should begin manually getting things started and to stop searching for replication.


Have a great weekend