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Hubspot Tracker and SquareSpace Commerce


First time posting here!


I am currently building out a website and form system in squarespace and am using Hubspot to create my forms as well as keep most of my information there to make automated responses and such. I am currently selling videos/ information on squarespace and plan on using its Commerce option to set up a shop using one of the methods (Paypal, Stripe, Square, etc) But what i want to know is if i set up the hubspot tracker into the page which has the commerce option will it save the information (first name last name etc) so that I can know when someone has been paid in hubspot? Or is this not possible.


Any help woudl be greatly appreciated

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Hubspot Tracker and SquareSpace Commerce

Thanks, @dennisedson , 


I don't use SquareSpace but in my experience using other platforms like Shopify, the Hubspot tracking code will not save information from third-party payment apps. If Squarespace makes this data available to you within their platform, you could probably set up an API though that seems like a heavy lift for something like this. 



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hubspot Tracker and SquareSpace Commerce

@SBamford ,

With most external forms, I would say you are ok, but introducing the payment aspect makes me wonder.  When you are in the checkout process, are you still on your site or are you brought to a paypal/stripe page to complete the details? 🤔

@erod  👋  Have you ever implemented something similar?

Here is an article for more details on external forms.  Good luck!