Hubspot Rate Limits, Async bulk upserts




I'm Tomer from the company Lusha.


We have clients who can save their data via Lusha to selected CRMs. 

We recently started working on giving our clients the ability to bulk-save from Lusha directly to Hubspot but we encountered some difficulties. We are using OAuth to integrate our app to Hubspot, and we encountered rate-limit errors while developing the feature.


Are the 100 requests per 10 seconds limit per OAuth integration to Hubspot or per client? 


Also, we noticed the batch API is async, however, we want to give our clients information on whether the upsert worked or not. Is that possible?


I would be really happy if we could schedule a call with Hubspot technical support, please let me know.




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Community Manager

Hello @Tziv 

The limits are per portal not per app. 

Can you tell us more about the batch call that you are making?

You should get a success/error response with your call which will have details about the event.

Please also note that this a Community Forum.  If you need to speak with HubSpot support directly, you can find more information on that here



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