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Hubspot Jira Integration

I've been doing quite a bit of research on the Jira - HubSpot integration. It appears at one time it did work well, but someone decided to discontinue the app that worked and replaced it with what we have today. Most of the articles I see relating to "solved" issues are posts that are from 2020 and earlier. (The switch to the new app happened recently)


I've also looked into this issue on the Atlassian side, and it does not appear that it's on them. The integration is built by HubSpot.


Though the one that did work well, stopped supporting HubSpot and now only supports Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce.



I do not see a way to get tickets from Jira to associate with the HubSpot company or contact.


You can see that the HS integration exists, but it's useless from the Jira side. I only see the ability to bring the Jira ticket into HS from HubSpot. But this is an extra step that could be avoidable if we could just associate the card in Jira with the company/contact in HS.



Also with the current integration when you associate the Jira issue in HubSpot, it creates a new ticket in HubSpot. This is a useless duplication step as we do not use the service hub feature and have no need to as it doesn't meet the needs we have for a service desk.


Our company uses Jira has project management and service desk. We just want our CRM to have a ticket history for our clients so we can reference them as needed, see how we solved a problem in the past or, etc.


It would just be nice if we can associate the ticket from Jira, so you don't do all the work in Jira then have to go to HubSpot to associate the ticket. Case to note, before we switched to HubSpot, we used one of the CRM plugin's in Jira, you could easily associate the ticket to the company, then when you went to the company in the CRM is would saw the list of the ticket history


I have also played around with using a tool like Zapier or Automate.io but neither of those tools can just get my tickets to associate to a company/contact.


Maybe someone can prove me wrong, and that maybe I set it up wrong, but the current integration with the way I have it set up is not very useful.

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Hubspot Jira Integration

Hey @streicherx 

Adding @LiranC to the conversation to see if they are up to the challenge.

If not, might be worth submitting to the ideas board



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