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HubSpot not recognizing a non HubSpot Form

Hello All,

We have a free trial registration form on our website. Nearly all of our leads come through this form. However, we have no attribution data on these contacts as they get classified as offline sources.

I believe the issue lies in that we are using the Contacts API/App to send the field data into HubSpot and HubSpot is not recognizing this as a form on our Website.
We have gone through this list:

  • The form is enclosed in form tags.

  • The form is not contained inside iframe tags.

  • JavaScript is not bound to the form to submit an event or click event

  • The form is introduced with or before page load completion ( the tag won’t fire again after the page loads)

  • The form does not contain hidden fields

  • The email field is an email type input, as in: input type="email"

  • The form is using a standard input type="submit" button for its form submission. The form must have a standard input type="submit" button to capture submissions.

But we still do not have a solution. The form is here: https://agent.ilife.tech/register

Any insights? 

At the end of the day we really just want the attribution of these leads regardless of the solution.
Now we just have:
Original Source: Offline Sources
Original Source Drilldown 1: Integration
Original Source Drilldown 2: iLife

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HubSpot not recognizing a non HubSpot Form

Hey @RebeccaShultz, thanks for reaching out and for the great troubleshooting context!


This is always tricky since you're looking for native HubSpot functionality (original source tracking) but you aren't using native HubSpot lead capture. 


Is your custom integration the first contact creation action that occurs? If so, it will always show "Offline sources" since that's technically where the contact originated. If you were able to let the non-HubSpot form be the initial point of contact creation in HubSpot, you should be able to carry over your "Original source" data as desired. Just note that there isn't currently a way to customize the field mapping for non-HubSpot forms, so that may be a roadblock.


It's not ideal, but another potential solution is turning this into a two-part form. Part 1 would be a HubSpot form that captures super basic information (name, email). Part 2 would be your non-HubSpot form that would capture additional data and pass it along through your integration. That would allow you to capture your initial conversion and the attribution data through HubSpot before moving to different systems.


I know these aren't perfect solutions, but hopefully they're helpful!!

Jacob Olle

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HubSpot not recognizing a non HubSpot Form

Thank you. I already suggested as something similar to our team, and they did not want to go that route. I appreciate your response.