HubSpot and LinkedIn Messaging integration

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Hi there.
We would like to be able to send and receive messages from Hubspot via LinkedIn messaging.
Ideally the conversation would be in the HubSpot Contact activity feed and would sync between HubSpot and LinkedIn.
Also would like to be able to utilize our HubSpot Workflows via messaging.

Is there anyone out there that can help us build this?

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Hi @David_Macfarlan and welcome! I'll open this up to the greater developer community here to see if anybody has suggestions or knows who'd be able to build something like this out. In the interim, you might want to try a freelancer here or our HubSpot Partner Directory here. You could also check out our current integrations by searching for linkedin here. Hope this helps you get started! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Looking for something similar.  A plug in similar to what is used when send a gmail email that will log/track messages in LinkedIn.