HubSpot SSO and forcing sign on again

We're connecting to HubSpot from our custom APP and there seems to be no way to force our user to log in again using SSO/credentials.
My problem that occurred recently was with my user (@gmail user) in our app being able to access HubSpot in my saved login credentials of "".
When I use our feature "connect to HubSpot" with our app - it didn't try to log me in as the user I was using within the app "@gmail" instead it just used the persistent login credentials of my other user. Obviously, I was in the same browser, so...
Is there a way to force our users connecting from our App to log in to HubSpot again and (ideally) select the correct login credentials they need to use to log in? 
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Hi @mikedrizzo1,


In this case, HubSpot validates based on the login, so if you're not logged in, it asks for the same, and if you are then it completes the flow with the logged-in details. there is no validation for the third-party user email and HubSpot email.


There is no logout API, that you can use to solve this issue. not a recommended approach, but you might try re-authentication and clearing the access token if your new log in or log out from your app.



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Thanks, Himanshu.

We can only clear tokens/cookies/sessions from our app and not from HubSpot itself. The lingering account is in HubSpot and not in our app.