How to use Zapier to Create a Contact and associated Company ONLY WHEN MISSING


I need to create a Zapier zap step that has the effect: Create a company if a particular client doesn't have one associated with it.  Below I have explained this in more detail:-


I'm trying to write a zap which does this:-

  1. Trigger on a structured email from my application when a new customer creates a free trial is created
  2. create a deal
  3. create a contact (if one doesn't exist that matches the email of the new customer)
  4. create a company (if one doesn't exist that is associated with the contact in step 3)
  5. Associate the deal, the contact and the company with each other

The step I am struggling with is step 4.  I am trying ot use the Zapier event called "Find Or Create a Company in HubSpot".  My search criteria is to look for a company which has a company ID that matches a field from step 3 called Company Information: Associated Company ID.


The trouble is that this variable may have the value "No Data", which causes step 4 to fail.  I was hoping that it would execute, not find a match, and then create the missing company.


How can I achieve this in a Zap?

Thanks in advance


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@Kevin-C , could you help here?



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Thanks Dennis
I’ll have to dig into this a little.

My initial thoughts might be to separate this into multiple zap/workflows. Breaking it out might allow you to handle the “no data” failed case when it arises.

Also I’m curious, can you isolate/identify the data that cases the failure?

Hi Kevin,


I did try using Paths in a single Zap but I couldn't get the branching to work  I couldn't find the right expression to act as a condition for the branch that is needed when there was no existing associated company.  (After step 3 above.)

The "no data" problem occurs whenever there is no company associated with the contact.  All this boils down to is that the thing I am missing is a graceful way to handle the situation in which there is no company.

(Grateful for any help at this point - I have invested (or wasted) hours on this and it has been very frustrating.  I thought Zapier was going to be a really easy way to get this integration done but right now I am considering coding this by hand in my main app.)