How to update account-id of existing Invoice.

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I have developed and using a Hubspot app which uses Hubspot CRM Accounting  Extension API. The app works fine and I can create invoice against a deal and can attach invoice to a deal. But due to some reason, I need to update the "accountId"  that the app sets via If I change the accountId of the an existing app user, the accountId assocoiated with the already created invoices does not get changed. I see that "PATCH /crm/v3/extensions/accounting/invoice/{invoiceId}" allows to update some parameters of invoices, but this does not allow to change the accountId  of the invoice.


Can you please let me know if there is any Hubspot API that allows to update the accountId that was attached to a invoice created by accounting app?

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Looks like there is not a patch method for the user-account...

This API is pretty new, you should submit this  to the ideas board and detail your use case scenario



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