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How to setup email template & assign to a form

Hi Team,


I have a hubspot free account & created a contact us form but not able to setup email.

I have below requirements:-

1. How to customize an email template for admin & users also don't want to send user submitted value in email. 

2. How to send email to a user once he/she submits the form.

3. How to send an email to admin once user submits the form.


Waiting for quick support on above points.




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Top Contributor | Elite Partner

How to setup email template & assign to a form

Hi @psant 


If you've a free account you should be able to setup a simple workflow that sends an automated email to the contact who submitted the form. You need a paid plan to add more actions though. You can personalize the content of the email as needed. 


In terms of notifying admin when forms are submitted you can include the email address in the box below when setting up the form or alternatively just setup user noticiations as outlined here.


Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 10.18.40.png

If you want to do anything more advanced you'll need to consider upgrading to a paid tier (Marketing Hub Starter). 

Jack Coldrick, Head of Presales & Solution Architecture @ Inbound Fintech | HubSpot Elite Partner
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