How to identify integration IDs?

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There's 1500 contacts in our Hubspot from source 'Integration' with most having the ID 25200, six this last month have the ID 57529, and 109 have the ID 26072...


Any idea how what these integrations could be? Or how to figure out where they're coming from?


Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 2.52.18 PM.png


Note: I checked Zapier, and nothing's pushing new contacts... Mailchimp did have a connection, but that would only account for one of the IDs and I'm not sure which one... Unbounce shows the url instead of an ID, so it's not Unbounce...

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Hi @edplotts 

Interestingly, I can't find a way to list integrated application IDs from inside a portal. This  is something that can be found within a developer portal:


Maybe there's a way via the API, but I can't find it.


I did find a workaround though. If you visit the integrations settings page (click the dropdown beside your profile picture in the top right of your portal and then click integrations.)  This lists your installed integrations, but no App ID. However, if you right hand click on the icon beside each integration and then in the browser menu click Inspect, this will show the source code of the page and the URL of the app icon image. The image URL contains the App ID. For example, Zapier's icon URL is // - so the App ID is 25200.





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Hey @edplotts ,


@MatthewShepherd is correct, it is possible to deduce the app ids for your installed apps by inspecting your installed apps page. That said, you can also contact HubSpot Support and someone can help you investigate the app id's in question. Of the ones you have mentioned already:

  • 25200 - Zapier
  • 57529 - Proposify
  • 26072 - SumoMe