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How to create Opt-In for marketing

Hi all

We're having issues with the way HubSpot handles marketing contacts.

We have a marketing opt-in on sign up for our product, but all new sign ups are automatically created as marketing contacts. We need to be able to set the marketing contact status of those new signups that opt-in only, so marketing can do their thing.

Can someone point me in the right direction here?


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How to create Opt-In for marketing

Hey, @joelslinn 👋 Question for you and your team. Are you using a HubSpot form? Or are you using a Forms API endpoint?


If API, are you using a Private App for Authorization? I ask because in Settings > Integrations > Marketing Contacts, you can enable/disable the app from syncing new contacts as marketing contacts. 

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This article — Manage marketing contacts settings for your integrations, covers the specifics. Here are a few highlights:

  • Please note: only contacts created after the toggle has been switched on will be created as marketing contacts.
  • It is not possible to modify the Marketing contact status property using HubSpot’s API endpoints; however, you can look up the status of a record using the Read Contacts endpoint and hs_marketable_status as the internal value for the Marketing contact status property

If it's a HubSpot form, you can check in the form settings itself — Marketing Contacts and HubSpot forms.

If you are using the Non-HubSpot forms tool, you can toggle this setting as well — Non-HubSpot forms.


In general, this article covers a lot of the details about Marketing Contact status and what can and cannot be modified — Default marketing statuses for newly created contacts.

If this isn't what you're after, please add more details and context, and we'll see what the community has to say.





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