How to Integrate with Dynamics CRM and HubSpot CRM through WCF Service?

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Hi all,

I want to integrate the Dynamics CRM and Hubspot CRM through WCF Service.

For example,

I created one contact new record in the Dynamics CRM.It will be automatically create same record on Hubspot contact and Vice Versa.

Is it possible? Could anyone help me how to achieve this?


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Hi Karthick,

I’ve actually been doing this exact thing. What I did was implement a messagebus (Rabbit MQ). Then I wrote a CRM plugin that publishes messages to the bus with all of the information that hubspot and our marketing team require. Once the message is published a program that is listening to the message bus takes the message and publishes the info to hubspot using the createorupdate endpoint. Then currently I’m working through doing the process in reverse with an exposed .NET web api and the hubspot web hooks API to keep things in sync going the other way. While this could all be done without the message bus, we found calling the hubspot api directly from a CRM plugin caused too much of a performance hit, so we used the message bus to offload the longer running rest calls to another server. Hope this helps!