How can we customise embedded meeting forms?


Hey, we have embedded a meeting link on our website, but we need to change the flow of the meeting as we need to show the questionnaire part first i.e the form with fields first name, last name and email and then book a time. And the second thing is we also need to do custom styling to the meeting forms. Are these two things possible?

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Hi @rohansethi,


Currently, it is not possible to show the meeting form before booking the meeting and while there are limitations to the styling of the meeting form, you can change the color of the meeting page and the logo in your Account Defaults settings (Click the top right hand gear icon > At the left side panel, click on 'Account Defaults'  > Click on the 'Branding' tab)


If you haven't already, I'd recommend jumping over to the HubSpot Ideas Forum and posting this idea there so that it's visible to the HubSpot product team and other HubSpot customers and developers. Hopefully this will gather more interest.


We have this use case. 

We would recommend you select the option to assign if the contact owner is known. 

HubSpot may take some time to assign a contact so a pause page is advisable before you get to the calendar.