How can I export blog post teaser info?

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We have a new site built in Webflow, where we want to show teasers of our Hubspot blog posts. I have a connection through Zapier to pull in new posts as they're created, but I need to import all the existing posts, and I'm having trouble.


1. I tried exporting from HS - that exports as HTML. There's no option for CSV or XLS that I could see.


2. I tried accessing the RSS feed, but that only returned a  handful of results, and didn't include all the fields we need.


Specifically, I need Title, Post Sumary, Post URL, Publish Date, and Featured Image URL.


Is there a way to get this info? Caveat - I'm not a programmer.




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Hi @jferguson,


I hope all is well with you 😄


The best way to extract the blog posts information is using this endpoint here: List blog posts | CMS Blog API where the response body properties will return the data that you'd like to gather as follows:

  • Title = title 
  • Post Summary = post_summary
  • Post URL = absolute_url
  • Publish Date = created_date_time
  • Featured Image URL = featured_image

You may want to check out API development environment such as Postman to send the above API endpoint.


I hope this helps to clarify!