How add a lead from external web form


We have a calling system called Vicidial.
I have inserted leads into Salesforce and about 4 other  CRM system from Vicidial.
I have used a webhook and or a "POST" URL to insert the record into these other CRM systems.
Salesforce has a way to create a web form, and from that webform I extract the needed variables to build my post URL string.

How can I do this with HubSpot.
I currently have the free version in order to figure this out, do I need to purchase or use my clients account to accomplish this or can I get this done on the free version?

Thank you in advance
Greg Hill

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Community Manager

Hey @GHill 

Just to be clear, you are trying to insert information into HubSpot from the Vicidial system, correct?

You should be able to do this on the free tier.  Might be worth using an app developer account where you can spin up test accounts easily and they do not have the same feature limitations that the free tier has.  You will also have the opportunity to connect via OAuth if you go that route.

Adding @DanielSanchez and @Hanta to this thread for their thoughts.



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