High level solution design for Hubspot to Synergist integration


Hi all,

Open question this one. 

I've been asked to look at integrating Hubspot with our Synergist (production management) system. The integration would be one way, creating a new job in Synergist when a hubspot deal stage changes to our 'closed-won' state. Seems simple enough to me. 

However, when I start looking at webhooks (to be the the trigger) I see mention of creating a Hubspot app and I can't see why/what/how this would really be required. The alternative is I set up a service to poll the deals in Hubspot but that is really messy. 

Interested to know how other people have tackled this kind of problem.



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Hi @Paceman,


If you're just trying to send the deal record to your own application when the stage is set to Closed Won, you could also create a workflow for this. We have an article about using webhooks in workflows, which you can find here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/workflows/how-do-i-use-webhooks-with-hubspot-work.... You'd want to just double check that you have webhook actions available to you first, since they're not available in every subscription level.


Otherwise I'd suggest building an app to listen for changes in your HubSpot account, which you can read about here: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/webhooks/webhooks-overview. Basically you'd build the app and use webhooks to listen for certain events, like when a deal becomes Closed Won. The webhook(s) will listen for those event(s) in whichever portals that have installed the app. So after you've gone through the OAuth flow, the app will work for that portal.


Let me know if that helps or if you're looking for something else.


 - Leland

Leland Scanlan

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@Paceman I'd be interested to know how you got on with this? We are looking to implement a similar connection between Hubspot which is used for sales and marketing and Synergist which is used by for timesheets and invoicing.