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Hello and welcome to your new Developer Forum

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Hello there,

My name is Róisín Kirby, HubSpot's Community Program Manager and I'd like to welcome you your new HubSpot Developers Forum on the HubSpot User Community.


Today we completed a content and user migration from the HubSpot developer forums at integrate.hubspot.com as part of our mission to deliver a fast, consistent and unified support experience to you - our developer community. We're mindful that many of you are developing on both the HubSpot CMS and APIs, and navigating to separate forums for answers or to collaborate with other developers is a pain. With this consolidation, you'll have a more consistent and centralized experience, and all developer support will now be tied to your HubSpot account, allowing our teams to provide faster support overall.


If you have any questions about community.hubspot.com I and our core Community Manager, and Developer Support teams are on standby to help. I encourage you all to read out HubSpot Community Guidelines in an effort to get the most out of HubSpot Community


For questions r.e. the Developers Forum or building on HubSpot, many of you will already know , @eruscitto@Dadams and @LeifInouye  from our Developer Relations Team, and @Derek_Gervais , @IsaacTakushi and @cbarley from our Developer Support Team.

If you have any questions, you can reply to this message. Thank you and we hope everyone will enjoy this faster, and more centralized developer support experience!

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now live. 

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Hola lowis

soy Luis de Hubspot

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Service department

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For some reason I cant post a new post, I just get error try later.

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Iam looking for a solution to integrate in a HB typeform a way to include a pdf document that must be read or downloaded before being accepted by the beneficiaries of the form type (scroll bar or link of a pdf which can be downloaded directly). 

Can someone help me to find a solution? 

Many many thanks, 



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