Have the Public Content Link field values recently changed?

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We have used Bedrock data for more than 4 years to pass the field profile_url (label= Public content Link) from Hubspot to Veeva (a SalesForce adaption for the Healthcare sector). After this field was sunset, the field values changed to a link to the time line of the records in hubspot, and as long as the person clicking on the link was a hubspot user the timeine was visible.

It appears that the field values have changed back to the old public contact URL, which when clicked upon is showing as a dea link.

Can someone validate whether this change has been made?

What is the name of the field is which holds a link to the contact's time line (if this exists in the contact end point)?



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Hey @MarkdeLange,


When attempting to reproduce this situation, I went through the following steps:


1. Get all contacts | Contacts API

2. On the response body, the profile url is showing - profile-url:"https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/{{my portal id}}/contact/{{contact vid}}which directs me to the contact record timeline.


I'm not seeing the old public contact url populating in any of the returned fields. 


In this case, could you share with me the following so that I can further dig into this on my end:

1. The endpoint that you're using

2. Your HubSpot portal ID

3. Example contact

4. The response body that you're seeing


If it's more comfortable for you, you can share these information via DM with me.