Google Calendar event synchronization with Hubspot workflows

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we want to send automated e-mails (from Hubspot) based on Google Calendar events (we use it to warn in advance a docotr to stat his telemedicine session). It seems that provides a nice solution...but I have not succeeded to make it work yet...stay tuned !

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Hi @lebihane 


We do not currently provide an integration that will work with Calendar Events via Google Calendar as you've mentioned and the recommendation would indeed be to work with 3rd Party Integrations such as and Zapier.


Reviewing your post, are you encountering any issues currently with the use of to get this functionality working? It's worth noting that we do not directly support the use of - The extent of our integration can be found here:

If you're looking for direct assistance with the integration, can be contacted at:


I hope this helps!

Matthew Willson

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