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Getting contact purchase subscription details (Not email subscription)

Hey there, I'm trying to find an API endpoint that will allow me to pull subscription details for a contact after they have purchased a product through the HubSpot Purchase flow. When we did a live purchase several new fields appeared in the contact that showed data like next purchase date, etc. But after we rolled back the order they disappeared. Furthermore it's not clear how to get these fields at any time through the contacts API or if there is a subscriptions API endpoint. Is it through the Deals endpoint(s) somehow?

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Community Manager

Getting contact purchase subscription details (Not email subscription)

Hi, @CRoach5 👋 Welcome to the community! This is an interesting question. To confirm, there is not a Payments and Subscriptions endpoint in the list of available HubSpot APIs


Looking at the knowledge base article on the properties you want to expose and use — HubSpot's payments and subscriptions properties

However, these properties cannot be managed or edited in your property settings.” I am curious if this is the same limitation when using the APIs. 

Here's what I can do:

  • reach out to my internal resources
  • confirm there isn't a specific endpoint for Payments
  • confirm we cannot currently access the Payments and Subscriptions  properties via another object's endpoints — Contact, Company, Deals, for example
  • see if there is any plans or roadmap for a payments-related API in the future

I'll update here with any information I find out for us. 


Thank you! — Jaycee


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