Getting a list of contacts who opened/clicked on a marketing email




I am trying to get a list of all contacts a specific marketing email was sent to and see which ones opened and/or clicked on it.  I can get the details and statistics through the Marketing email API but can't seem to figure out how to get the contacts.  Any help on this?

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Hi @sanskii , hope all is well with you 🙂


There's no single API that pulls the recipients the way it is displayed in the CRM UI.

This information would be easiest to get directly via the CRM UI, but if you did want to do it via API you could hypothetically use one of the Marketing email APIs like Get the details for a marketing email to get the campaign Ids for a marketing email.

You can then use the campaign Ids with the Email events API to get the email events for a marketing email send which includes recipients email addresses and additional information about the email send.

This is a bit unwieldy though, and you would have to use offset and hasMore parameters as mentioned here to get all of the recipients as this has a limit of 1000 events at a time.


Hopefully that helps though!


Cathal 🙂