Getting Data from deals in to an email template


Hi there,

Our system allows people to customise products on our site using our web based editor. When a user saves a design we create what we call a hero image (preview of their design insitu with the product). When the user abandons the design and doesn’t order we need to trigger an email that will send that preview image in an email to the user encouranging them to complete their order.

We were initially advised to send the hero image urls into deals because in there we know if the user has ordered or not.

Then we were advised to send the hero image url into the contact and we have done this but now we are realising that we have no way of knowing at contact level whether the deal was won or not (ordered) so we could be sending emails to people inviting them to order something they have already ordered

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Hi @Stewart_Matheson,

That's somewhat of a tricky problem. It's not possible to pull personalization tokens directly from a deal into an email since a contact can be associated with any number of deals. I think your best bet would be to push the image URL into a deal, and trigger a workflow based on some criteria related to that deal not closing. That workflow could then copy the image URL over to a corresponding contact property, which could then be included as a personalization token in an email.

So long as the workflow enrollment criteria only enroll contacts with a recently abandoned deal, you won't have to worry about emails being sent to contacts that have closed their deals.