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Get notes by task

Hello, I would like to get all the notes by task, I can't find the association. Thx

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Get notes by task

Hi, @STech 👋 Are you looking for a way to get the Association typeId for Notes to Tasks? If so, I do not have any documentation for this association type exiting. We can view association type Ids by making a request to this endpoint:

 GET /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/labels

which might look like this:

GET /crm/v4/associations/note/task/labels


But the challenge is that Tasks and Notes do not have a default association. This is why you cannot find it. Making the above request will return an empty array:

    "results": []

Which indicates no association exists.


Although there is a “note” field on a Task, this is not the same as a Note that we might associate with an Object like a Contact or Company. 





Jaycee Lewis

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