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I am working on creating a marketing overview dashboard for my company.  We would like to see month over month email statistics.  Currently the only way to get that data is to manually export the emails on the "Marketing->Email" tab and select each month in the fixed time frame.  I am looking for an api that will allow me to get the same data that is available via that report but in an automated fashion.  

I wrote a script that warehoused every single email event in our hubspot instance (api endpoint: email/public/v1/events) which will work but the number of records is too big for my MySql database.  Any recommendations here would be great! I would think month over month email metrics would be a common request. 


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Hi @nickmarshallmpg,


I think you should be able to do this using our Marketing Email API, which you can find documentation for here: You can filter the request in the request URL. So if you wanted to pull emails sent within a certain time range, you could use the endpoint documented here: Your request could look something like: marketing-emails/v1/emails?hapikey=XXXX&publish_date__gte=1556668800000&publish_date__lt=1559347200000 . And then using the IDs returned in the response, you can get the stats for an individual email through the endpoint documented here: So far as I can tell, everything that's included in the report from the Email dashboard can also be found through these Marketing Email endpoints.


Let me know if that will help accomplish what you're looking for or if you have any questions here.

Leland Scanlan

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