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Get meetings associated to a subset of deals via CRM API

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I have the following question: When a deal reaches a certain deal stage in our sales pipeline, our sales team schedules an onsite appointment with the customer and creates a meeting for the deal in HubSpot. I need this meeting in a second database, so I want to retrieve it using the API. I want to create a request that asks for all deals in the "On-Site Appointment Made" stage and get those deals, including the associated meetings. I know how to retrieve (subsets of) deals and their properties, but how can I get the associated meetings?


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Key Advisor | Partner

Get meetings associated to a subset of deals via CRM API

Hey @MWatermeyer I would say the engagements api for meeting associations would be what you're looking for https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/meetings#retrieve-meetings


You can get all meetings in the portal, then search for specific associated object IDs, you should see the deal object IDs listed as an associated object with your meeting in here. 

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