Get data pulled through a custom CRM extension to be displayed in a membership page

Hello there!

I’m exploring the recently released Membership feature of CMS Enterprise. We have custom CRM extensions that are pulling data from another system to display the data in a contact page for our sales team. This data is also useful for our end clients.

In parallel, we are building a customer portal to let our customer know about their purchases and some other information.

Does anyone knows if the CRM Object function also triggers the different CRM extensions in order to pull data from other systems and display them in a membership page?
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HubSpot Employee

Hey @mgandi,


To clarify, are you referring to this feature: Require member registration to access private content and you'd like to pull data from custom CRM extension to be displayed on a HubSpot private content page?


At the moment, this is not supported. There isn't a way to get data from the CRM extension to show up on a HubSpot page (both private and public).


However, as suggested from user ChrisTashjian, you can provide a direct link to a contact profile by using the following:

<a href="{{portalId}}/contact/{{ }}">{{portalId}}/contact/{{ }}</a></p>

Hi Wendy,


Correct.! I refer to the feature you mention and thank you for the clarification on the availability of C>RM extension data on HubSpot pages.


The suggestion of ChrisTashjian does not work when you want to share this data with your end client. Thanks for the suggestion but that does not work for my case.