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Get contact's timeline URL for Zapier



I'm facing an issue with extracting the URL of a HubSpot contact's timeline in Zapier.


In HubSpot, I have a workflow which generates new Deals from form submissions. Under this workflow's Create record event, I have checked Add timeline activity from the enrolled contact to the deal and expected this to populate the data that's available through Zapier's HubSpot integration module.


This seems to be a false assumption however, as I simply cannot see any timeline related data objects within Zapier. I have Google'd for possible solutions and some sources suggest that one needs to use the HubSpot API directly to fetch any information related to contact's timeline, but others seem to bunk this as "currently unsupported" etc.


So, looking for tips and tricks to achieve this, or at the very least some sort of a conclusion if this information cannot be accessed at the moment.


Thank you in advance!

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Get contact's timeline URL for Zapier

Hi @Peistola 


Is there any part of the timeline that you are particularly interested in? What do you need the timeline for exactly?


I'm asking because Relay.app (disclaimer I work there) have a ton of integrations with HubSpot, and we also keep track of all of the properties on Contact/Company/Deal etc, here's a screenshot of a partial view of the just the dates related properties on Contact



We'd be happy to help you get this set up!