Get attachments from a deal not working properly


I'm using 2 methods to get the attachments from a deal email. First, I get the associations of a deal, that is working fine and then I use the "Get an engagement" but the attachments array is empty. There is something else to allow the attachments in this method? 


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Hi @JMartínez,


Your approach seems to be correct, we have to first find the engagement associations and then have to fetch a single engagement using GET /engagements/v1/engagements/:engagementId

And you don't have to pass any additional detail to get the attachment id in the response.


Can you please make sure that you are evaluating the right engagement?



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Hi @JMartínez ,

Please fetch each engagement details using this api with engagement ID.

Example GET URL:<engagement_ID>?hapikey=demo
You will receive an object representing the requested engagement:
"engagement": {
"id": 908,
"portalId": 13565,
"active": true,
"createdAt": 1409172644778,
"lastUpdated": 1409172644778,
"ownerId": 1,
"type": "NOTE",
"timestamp": 1409172644778
"associations": {
"contactIds": [
"companyIds": [],
"dealIds": [],
"ownerIds": []
"attachments": [
attachments list when viewing the record in HubSpot
"id": 4241968539 // Note this id is file id if you want fetch then use this api
"metadata": {
"body": "note body"

Hope this helps!

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