GDPR Access and Erasure Capabilities <> Hubspot API


1. On the product readiness page (, it is mentioned that by May 25th of an unspecified year, GDPR compliant contact deletion will be made available. What year is this referring to? Is this available? 

2. Is there a way to bulk delete contacts in a GDPR compliant fashion?

3. Is there an API to delete contacts in a GDPR compliant fashion?

4. Is there an API to test if an account’s default setting follows GDPR, like on the account-defaults page?

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @transcend-dev,


Let's walk through the query one by one:


1. When looking at the page here, I'm not seeing any mentioned of May 25th. Could you clarify where exactly are you seeing this date?


2. Currently, you cannot perform GDPR-compliant deletions in bulk as mentioned in this documentation: Perform a GDPR-compliant delete in HubSpot.


3. As mentioned by my colleague Matt here: For now, there's no HubSpot API that perform GDPR-compliant deletions.


4. Do you mean if there's an endpoint to check if the GDPR settings has been turned on on a HubSpot portal? Or do you mean an endpoint to return an audit result as to whether a portal has been following GDPR compliant based on the portal settings?