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Form api v3 TypeError: Failed to fetch

Hi, community!


I have a multi-step form implemented on a client's website, also I have an error log where I save locally the data that failed to save on HubSpot. I realized that my log is often showing this error:


{error: "TypeError: Failed to fetch", data: {myDataPayload}}


As you can see the error it's not descriptive, so I guess that could be some network error or just that for some reason the request could not reach the Hubspot servers. I have taken the same payload that failed to fetch and send it again, and has worked, so I'm planning to recursively re-send the request up to 3 three times (no more) if it failed.


Nevertheless, I would like to ask you if there's a way to prevent this error, and if there are possible causes that make it happen, to explain to my client.

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Community Manager

Form api v3 TypeError: Failed to fetch

Hi, @JairoPy 👋 Thanks for reaching out. It may be challenging for the community to troubleshoot this one without having a way to see it in action? Or some other way of gleaning more details. Not that you are doing anything wrong, only that there are many possibilities and root causes. And it's challenging for the community to offer a guess without more details.





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