Form Submissions via API = No Notifications?


Two questions:

  1. When we submit forms via the forms API we aren’t getting notified via e-mail about the form submission. Is there a specific variable we need to pass?

  2. We have constructed our own multi-step form since Hubspot doesn’t support that and we are submitting the form via API without issue but since we don’t use your code I’m not able to get a form submission % which would be useful. Is there an endpoint we can include in the page or a javascript function we can call to trigger the form view counter?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Arlo_Gilbert,

  1. When using the Forms API, you need to define the notification recipient in the form editor within HubSpot. When making your API call, you are submitting the data to a specific HubSpot form, in the form editor for that specific form, go to the ‘Options’ tab and add the email address that should receive the notifications (make sure you ‘save’ in the top right corner). You can access the editor for your form via the URL like this:[Hub_ID]/Form_GUID/edit/

If you have a value here and are still not receiving notifications, contact HubSpot Support to see if that address is bounced.

  1. It’s not possible to log a ‘form view’ when using the API. The analytics for those form views are carried with the form embed code and are not directly callable. You can use the page view number as a proxy for the form view number to get a rough estimate of the conversion %.

One final note: while HubSpot forms don’t have built-in multipart, you can have the redirect url for your form take you to ‘next’ page of the multipart form. You would log multiple submissions, but it achieves a similar implementation (I.e. Form on page one redirects to page 2 with form 2). You could then make the email address hidden or smart, and ask your second bank of questions.


Rob Ainslie