For CRM/Free marketing portal auth request returns 403 because Super Admin doesn't have access to contacts


Hi there!

For my CRM only / Free Marketing portal (id 3910827) the OAuth2.0 token fetch from is returning 403

Response payload:
{“status”:“USER_UNAUTHORIZED”,“message”:“user does not have permissions to authorize scopes”,“correlationId”:“5489ccf9-08e4-43d1-9b87-e582e69bf423”,“requestId”:“fbfb4ceb0e15d6e815d151c5a3cd54d1”}

I’m the Super Admin of that portal, but I don’t have contact access according to owners endpoint:

From owners/v2/owners:

“portalId”: 3910827,
“ownerId”: 30292704,
“type”: “PERSON”,
“firstName”: “Juho”,
“lastName”: “Hyytiäinen”,
“email”: “XXXXX”,
“createdAt”: 1505472177656,
“updatedAt”: 1505472177656,
“remoteList”: [
“id”: 25795119,
“portalId”: 3910827,
“ownerId”: 30292704,
“remoteId”: “4727356”,
“remoteType”: “HUBSPOT”,
“active”: true
“hasContactsAccess”: false

I’m requesting only contacts scope and that is set as required scope in my dev portal:

Request payload:

Is this intentional that free users don’t have contact access or is the access listing from owners endpoint incorrect/different thing? How should one OAuth users from free CRM/Marketing portals with contacts scope?

Thanks for the help!

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @juhohy,

Are you still seeing this behavior? There was an issue with the contacts scope that’s since been resolved, and I believe that your issue may have been related.


Hi Derek! Yeah it resolved after the outage. All good now thanks!