Filter Events to fetch only Events for Transactional Emails




Here's my situation, I want to know all Transactional Emails Delivered to a specific Email and if it has been Opened. Currently I do the following:

It seems mildly redicuous that I need to make 1+2m+n API calls where m is total number of messages and n is the number of transactional emails. Idealy I could filter based off of if an email is transactional (making it 1+n API calls) and even better if I can provide an array of eventTypes to search against, something like eventType=DELIVERED,OPEN (making it 1 API call).


Am I missing something? Is there no better way to load transactional emails or an OR field for eventType?

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I feel your pain (which I am sure is the exact response you were looking for 🙃)

We are in the process of creating new endpoints, but they are not complete, yet. 


@Bryantworks , @Mike_Eastwood  either of you have input that is more useful than my "I feel your pain"?



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Okay. Knowing that it's at least "in the process" means something and that I didn't miss anything.


I'll probably get around the issue by doing 2 email/events calls one for DELIVERED and one for OPEN. Then to discover if Transactional or not I can cache the email/campaigns and marketing-emails/events in an on prem DB as those ids are unlikely to change. It's a less than ideal solution, but until there's a better solution I don't want to send hundreds of requests in a second as that's currently causing "Too Many Requests" errors and in my simple testing am using about 3% of my daily API calls.