Extracting/Syncing Hubspot data with external web app


What is the most efficient way to extract all of hubspot data in my account  and to have constant sync when things change ? 


I have a Custom GUI which pulls from HS and updates HS using the api but the API HS offers can be limiting (max amount of filters, limted searchable properties, 100 records max return, etc. ) how would it be possible sync all updates in my account to external database without having to do it all with webhooks which uses way too much resource as it is a request per update, we have hundreds of thousands of contacts and 1+ million companies . 



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@yerblich We offer an app in the HubSpot App Marketplace called MS SQL Server for HubSpot . The app pulls your HubSpot data into a SQL data warehouse via prebuilt API connectors. A SQL data warehouse in Azure is included in the cost.

Once your HubSpot data is in the data warehouse, it automatically refreshes on a scheduled basis. You can connect the SQL data warehouse to any other application that has a SQL connector.

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