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I have a need to export all contact timeline activity data out of HubSpot. Is there an api to extract the following checked ones:  I have calls, emails, meetings, notes and tasks figfured out via Engagement API but what about the rest? Any APIs available to GET that data out?


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Hey @rrizal,


Currently, while there isn't an endpoint to export all contact timeline activity out at once, you can definitely use a couple of endpoint to get these information out:

1. One of it is the engagement API that you mentioned. This endpoint will retrieve all calls, meetings, notes and tasks activity on a contact timeline.


2. Some other API that you can consider using are:

To retrieve analytics and report: Analytics API Overview

Events: Get events | Events API

Form submissions: Forms API Overview | Forms API

Marketing email: Marketing Email Overview


Feel free to let me know what other data that you're keen to retrieve, I'd be happy to point you to the right direction.  

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@rrizal @WendyGoh 


Bayard Bradford provides the Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot free of charge in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  Ultimate Data Export was developed as a result of our participation in HubSpot's new App Accelerator program.   


If you are looking for a solution to export your CRM data out of HubSpot this app is for you.  With the Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot you can export the following data tables and their associations:


  • Contacts
  • Web Analytics
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Deal History
  • Owners
  • Campaigns
  • Engagements
  • Emails
  • Products
  • Tickets
  • and more related subdata such as Pipelines and Associations.

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