Export timeline data from influenced contacts in a campaign

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We have the idea to create campaigns in Hubspot that groups all assets (webpages, LP's, Blogs, Emails campaigns, etc...) that are linked to a specific goal (for example : Sell product family A from our company). These goals are known by our in-House CRM that creates lists of contacts that we import daily into Hubspot.


Our Marketing department then launches campaigns on these contacts with the aim to transform these contacts into "influenced" contacts. The thing is... how do we get the activity of the "influenced" contacts back to our CRM? I have found a few interesting posts (https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Complete-Hubspot-Campaigns-API/idc-p/341633#M57785) with a reply from @Shay who seems to hint towards an upcomming release of a new Campaign API.


But not knowing if this will solve my problem I was wondering if someone could help me in finding a workarround to use the API to get contacts that are "influenced" and the corresponding web-activity (webpages, LP's and Blogs visited and emails opened/clicked) linked to that campaign?

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Hi @BartVDK 

I would recommend subscribing to the changelog if you have not already!


@HenryCipolla , @Mike_Eastwood , do you guys have thoughts on this?


Thank you!



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Hi Bart,


There are two relevant APIs.

  • If you have your site instrumented, then you can use the hs_analytics_last_url property on contacts to see what pages a contact has visited. You can use the contacts API to get all your contacts, and you can specify you want this property with history which gives you the last 40 values of this property. That way you can see who saw what pages.
  • For emails, the engagements API can help you see all the emails a particular user saw

You can't really query these datasets, so you have to pull all the data down and query it yourself but it's actually not so bad. That's what we do nightly.



-- Henry

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Dear Henry,


Thank you very much for this helpfull answer. Just two quick questions : 


1. Do you have any idea if a Campaigns API is foreseen (can't seem to find any hint towards that specific element in the changelog)

2. I'm looking for a way to link my pages to specific "leadtypes" that our CRM (own development) uses. For example "contact A" is susceptible to be intersted in "product family A". I was wondering if a possible way top link my pages, LP's and blogposts to this leadtype by adding a parameter in the URL (so that it shows up in the analytics-API). We can then read the visited URL's an deduct to what product family that page was linked. Or would it be better to define a custom property for these assets? But in that case I'm not sur if we can get it back through the API.  


Sorry for these "extra" questions but just curious to have your view on this.


Best regards,



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@BartVDK @dennisedson Take a look at this post: NEW! Export raw web events associated with HubSpot CRM data There is a free app called Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot that includes raw web events data with a full CRM export to Excel. DM me with questions.

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