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What is the Events API v3 beta?


To date, one of the most consistent points of feedback that we’ve heard from the external development community is that our Events APIs are difficult to use because they are not standardized. Our product team is hard at work building a new set of Events APIs based on a more modern and consistent framework. As part of this Beta, you will have the opportunity to test this new functionality and provide feedback directly to our product team.


Please leave all feedback in this thread

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I am using the v3 Events API and I met several problems:

  1. I sent `GET/events/v3/events` request with query `?objectType=contact&objectId=number` to get events data for contacts. However, I need to make an API call for each objectId. And we have around 335950 different contacts in the database, which means I need to make 335950 API calls to get all events data. It will probably take days to finish. Is there any efficient way to get all data I want? Maybe query multiple object ids at the same time? Or let us be able to get all events dataafter certain datetime regardless objectIds. 
  2. `events/v3/events` endpoint  sometimes does not return all data (also no pagination), if I don't specify `limit` parameter.
  3. The documentation is incorrect. In the page, it says "occurredAt is the only field supported for sorting.". However, 
    only a single sort field 'occurredTimestamp' is supported.
    4. when sort=-occurredTimestamp parameter is used, 
    e_submitted_form event_type data is not returned.