Error: Invalid HUTK

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So I'm working with a client whose developers have created a form that submits to a Hubspot form via the Form submit API. My email address is on the error logger CC, and I get a lot of these:




I'm not a developer myself, but having read up I gather that the HUTK is an optional value to be sent along with the submission data, that links the submission to a visitor cookie. Seems like it was left blank in these submissions (probably as cookies were refused or something), as \'\' is just '' but escaped if I'm not mistaken.


What's the correct way to handle a submission when there's no HUTK? Should it just not be included as a parameter at all, instead of left blank?

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Hi @Bob2245 ,


I'm pretty sure you shouldn't pass the param at all instead of giving it an empty string. If you check the docs, you see that it is part of the 'context' object. Try not setting it at all by leaving it out of the object 

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