Enrolling a contact into a sequence API

I know there is no sequence API. But we need to enroll contacts into sequences programmatically. We have an app that we use at conferences, and we enroll people into a 4 email drip campaign after the conference.

The reason we can’t use workflows, (which we do now) is because workflows don’t have reply detection. So when someone replies to a workflow, they still get the next 3 emails. So they get angry.

The right tool is sequences because it has reply detection, (unless workflows can get reply detection one day). But I can’t enroll people without a human. (Or scraping I guess)

How should this be handled?

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Hi @optikalefx … did you manage to hack on this? As far as I know there’s no way to do it via the API, and we’re on the same scenario right now.

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I’m interested in knowing whether there is any workaround here in order to enrol contacts in sequences?