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I am building a Live Dashboard for a client. One of the things they want a report on is the amount of open tasks. I have looked at using the "Get all engagements" endpoint but find it extremely limiting in a way of :

  1. it is in oldest to newest order
  2. I can't specify a starting date as to when i want to return results from
  3. The engagement ID/offset does not seem to relate to a taskID so I can even look for a Particular task to start from.

What are my options here? How can I do this? Is it possible to create a filter in hubspot, and then call that filter via the api? Are there additional filters that are available to use with the standard call?


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In your case, I suggest you go the same way we did - cache whatever data you need in your database and have CRON to sync from HubSpot to your database every N minutes. Depends on how frequent changes happen on your account.

I'm taking data from HubSpot API and importing it into app database in form which the app can easily read and process the information for user.


  • your application is not depending on HubSpot API being available 24/7
  • you can process and visualize the data any way you want
  • you can easily achieve more because you can query multiple things without having to touching the API


  • you have to design the database tables for keeping the data
  • you need to set up a synchronization script
  • you're not working in real time
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Hi @Sven,

Daniel's solution a great course of action. For some additional information, you can minimize the syncing necessary by pulling only recently updated engagements: