Embedded forms - redirecting to external site with parameters


We currently embed a HubSpot form on our company website. A site visitor may fill in the form and submit it, and that sets up a new contact in Hubspot, etc. We then need to redirect the site visitor to another external site. However, when the visitor is redirected to the external website, that site must be able to retrieve the visitor's HubSpot form data they have submited. So, the redirect url needs to include paramters that can be used to search for the visitor's HubSport contact details (i.e. form submission values). I have seen a number of postings in the HubSpot developer forum that suggest including form fields such as name, email, etc. that can easily be read using the jQuery in our embedded HubSpot form script (e.g. https://community.hubspot.com/t5/APIs-Integrations/Include-form-fields-as-redirect-URL-parameters-on...). Is that the best approach? For example, is there some other identifier/token that we can send with the redirect url to search the HubSpot contact in the external site, or another solution entirely?

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@piersg , how would you handle this?



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