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Email validation failure for "newsletter@glassful.buzz" on https://offers.hubspot.com/

As a new HubSpot user for a brand-new startup, I've reading a lot of the how-to content available.  However I can't (easily) download many of the examples because hubspot doesn't think my email is valid.  This happens on multiple "Download Now" calls to action buttons.


Go to:
Press "Download Now"

Enter valid First, Last names ("Shane" and "Curcuru")

Enter my email address: "newsletter@glassful.buzz"

Press "Download Now" (or tab out of the field to force validation


BUG: it reports the email is invalid, and suggests I might have meant "newsletter@glassful.biz"


This consistently fails with the above email address, which is a Google Workplace alias provided for my actual Google Workplace email address.  Using a well-known provider's alias like this should be valid; also using .buzz TLD should be valid.


This seems to happen with this hubspot control:

<div class="input" data-reactid=".hbspt-forms-2.1:$0.1:$email.$email"><input id="email-f3507b84-ad3e-4df5-97a5-72550ac2860c_4314" class="hs-input" type="email" name="email" required="" placeholder="" value="newsletter@glassful.com" autocomplete="email" data-reactid=".hbspt-forms-2.1:$0.1:$email.$email.0" inputmode="email"></div>


And is probably in https://js.hsleadflows.net/leadflows.js or whatever underlying domain name validation that's used.

Is this expected behavior for some reason, or an actual bug?



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Email validation failure for "newsletter@glassful.buzz" on https://offers.hubspot.com/

@ShaneCurcuru  curiously, it works if you use something other than newsletter. 

what would happen if you did newsletter+offer@glassful.buzz?

Genuine curiousity here.  I have reported internally, but I don't expect a quick answer today.