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I’m trying to just change the background color on an email template via the design-manager. Seems like a simple enough task without having to create a template from code. There even seems to be option via the “Edit” dropdown -> “Body CSS” and then entering background: black via the “Body inline styling” field. The issue is that the style isn’t picked up by the template. Even if I refresh the page at this point and go back into the “Body CSS” modal again, I can see my changes were saved in the input fields, but are not demonstrated in the template preview. When I inspect the template via my chrome inspector, I can also see that none of my changes have been added to the template preview code. Can you provide any guidance on how to preview these changes, or is this a bug?

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If you are using the design manager templates rather then an html template, the body tag is not actually visible, instead everything is wrapped in a table with the ID backgroundTable, this is what you will want to change in order to change the background color of your email. you will also need to use !important tags to overwrite the styles being set in the email settings.