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Ecom Bridge: Import contact (API) with unsubscribe settings

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been asked before. I did a search around and couldn't find anything that specifically matched my query.

Situation: Ecommerce Bridge: Importing contacts from custom Ecom cart that currently uses MailChimp integration.

  1. UserID:
    Is best practice to also Upsert the existing UserID to HubSpot as Custom Field? (I understand that HubSpot uses email address as PK and will create its own VIN)

2.1) Accepted Terms and Conditions:
Which is the correct endpoint to update on initial contact import, I don't see this as a contact property.

2.2) Subscribed/Unsubscribed status: I understand from previous research that this is managed in the Email API. Therefore, Is it best practice to do this in a two-step process?

1: Import contacts
2: Upsert Subscription settings for contacts

I appreciate that after we've finished the integration the subscription management will be handled in HubSpot. I am more concerned about ensuring we capture the existing requirements from the DB.

Additionally, Love to have a chat with anyone who has completed a successful sync of ecom bridge and learn from your war stories.


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HubSpot Alumni

Ecom Bridge: Import contact (API) with unsubscribe settings

Hi @NickMontagu,

While I can't exactly share war stories, I can certainly add some context from the HubSpot side of things:

  1. You can certainly include the external UserID field as a custom property in HubSpot, but it's not strictly necessary unless you anticipate that being useful to HubSpot users.
  2. There isn't really a 1:1 field for T&C in HubSpot; you'd likely need to create a custom property for this
  3. Yes, you'll need to manage subscription/consent separately via the Email API